• Computer Science at Baylor University, graduate (current)
  • Software engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague, under-graduate 2013-2017
  • Bachelor thesis - Comparison of Unity and Unreal engines
  • CESCG 2017 Best video award, 3rd Best Presentation award
  • Gymnazium Jirovcova Ceske Budejovice, grammar school 2005-2013
  • C1 English TOEIC certificate, CTU proficiency certificate


Since 2010 I have been working freelance. My main focus is post-production and 3D, while I photograph and shoot videos, too. As a 3D software I use Blender, for the rest there is Adobe Production Suite. Photoshop and After Effects are my daily bread.

In 2015 I co-founded a start-up JTT Karlin s.r.o. as a platform for VR research cooperation with the university and industry as well. We produce spherical stereo renders composed into 360 photos, presented with our own application on Samsung Gear VR.


Taking good pictures requires a combination of technical and artistic approach, that's why I enjoy it so much. I photograph weddings, portraits, conferences, various church events and even landscapes from time to time using professional Canon equipment.

My clients

Companies I had the pleasure to work for.

Beloved software

Programs that I am very familiar with. Software that I use very often because I need to and/or love to.

Java SE/EE

The main programming language taught at FEE, CTU in Prague. At first, I was using NetBeans environment, now I moved to IDEA. I currently develop in ACM-ICPC lab.

Unity Engine

The first game engine I learned. It is great because of its simplicity and ease of use. I use C# to script within Unity. Half of my bachelor thesis was on Unity.

Unreal Engine

Unreal is amazing at post-production and lighting. That is why we use it for Arch Viz projects at JTT. I implemented Pac-Man benchmark in Unreal as a research project.


Photoshop is the basic tool of every graphic designer. I use it to create bitmap graphics as well as for photo post-production.


A part of Adobe Production Suite, Premiere is a perfect tool for video editing.

After Effects

Photoshop in real-time. A video post-production software that I use for composing as well as for color corrections, stabilizations, ...


An open source and incredibly powerful multi-purpose 3D tool. I model in Blender and render 360 stereo photos using the physically-based Cycles render engine.


Extremely realistic painting software. I don't use it commercially, I paint just for the joy from painting.


I am a loyal user of the Mozilla Firefox browser.